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However did you know that the majority of your clients, the vast majority of the top paying clients for seo services are not even online businesses?

That’s right, the big dogs that hand you cash fairly easily for SEO services are in fact, local businesses that just want more leads and customers.

Lawyers, restaurants, accountants, sado mazo peeps and every local business are struggling to get traffic real bad, much worse than you.

Their entire livelihood depends on it.

And They’ll Pay $250 - $500 For A Few Minutes Work If The Work Solves Their Problem (Which Is Local Rankings)

And So We Learned The Absolute Fastest Way And Easiest Way To Get Those Local Businesses Ranking Is By Using CITATIONS...


A local citation is any mention of your business on the web; it is any combination of your company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address. Citations in SEO are a key factor in improving your local search results.

Citations help search engines, like Google and Bing, verify that your business exists. When multiple credible sources have the same accurate information about your business, it signals to search engines that your business is legitimate.

The more mentions of your business out on the web, the more prominent your business appears to Google, and this will help with your local rankings.

Your Clients CRAVE THIS, They Need This, They’ll Pay A Minimum Of $250 For You To Build These Citations For Them.

But How Do You Build These Citations Without Being An Expert?

It’s a very time consuming and expensive’s important to invest the time and money to do it right, or outsource the work to a trust and credible service provider which charge $5 per one citation submitting.

So if you will order 50 citation in such service providers you will pay around $250.

But We’ve Been Silently Automating The Entire Process And Making It Affordable By Using Our Own, In House, Custom And Unique Citation Builder.

I stress it’s custom and unique because it’s NOT PLR or whitelabel, and you cannot get it anywhere for any price.

Using our citation Builder module you will dramatically decrease price 100 times and pay 0.05cents per one citation submission.

Additionally you will get access to Citation Scanner which will help you to do audit of existing citation for any local business.

This means you will both SELL LIKE A MANIAC and be able to back your work and stats up with an audit.

This Contains EVERYTHING You Need To Crush It And Crush It Some More!

Heck, we will even TEACH YOU how to do it.

I understand that now with this amazing module you can make a A LOT OF MONEY providing services to clients, local clients with lots of cash in hand to invest in THEIR BUSINESS growth.

But how do you find them, how do you send them a message, how do you close the deal?

And how do you do it all smoothly, without a phone, without revealing your identity too much, without it being an awkward experience?

This is where I come in- again.

I Will Teach You How To Find Clients, Close Them, And How To Do It Smoothly Without Calling Them, Without Being Awkward, Without Being Exposed, Just Smooth Email Or Facebook Closing With An Optional Phone Calling If You Want.

It’s super easy, and super profitable.

But that’s not all you get..

You see, your local clients have a HUGE problem yes? Not only they struggle to rank, but they also struggle to fix current bad rankings due to shifty citation building processes in the past.

And they don’t know it!

Inaccurate business details, like a wrong phone number, old address, or incorrect business name, can be harmful to your business and negatively impact your local search rankings.

Having accurate business information and ensuring consistent up-to-date data on the sites that have the biggest impact will help.

And As A LIMITED TIME BONUS To Our Citation Add-On Upgrade

You Get The Technology To Recognize, Find And Fix Shifty Citation And Ranking Processes, And Sell Fixing Services As Well.

This Bonus Will DOUBLE Your Income & Increase Client Trust Like It’s NOBODY’s Business

And you don’t need to know ANYTHING - at all!

But that’s not ALL, I like to overdeliver... for myself, for you... for the sake of our mutual business.

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Introducing, Bonus #2... Oh Yes.

Introducing MAP JUICER...
3X YOUR Local Rankings With Our Embeds

What is the #1 driver to people seeing and finding your local clients listing and then getting ranked for their keywords?

It’s maps. Google maps.

Well, our MAP JUICER bonus will give you 3x the rankings by embedding maps as backlinks on multiple locations, getting them further rankings and giving you or your clients a better reputation = longer lasting rankings.

This is Not rocket science, it’s all about giving google what they want..and getting rewarded on all fronts for it.

This is a COMPLETE NO Brainer.

With the Ranksnap Citation Builder addon, you not only get a software that local clients will happily pay top dollar for, but you’ll also be able to find and close deals with them without being awkward and without phone sales.

And then, with our LIMITED BONUSES, you’ll be able to literally solve another huge problem and charge even more, or upsell current new clients, by fixing their current shifty citations.

It’s incredible profit potential is exactly what made us pursue this extra income model, and you get to tap into it without the expenses and effort we put at first..

And now you use our amazing softwares, and Crush it 🙂

All you gotta do it jump on this opportunity right now before we actually increase the price (AGAIN).


(warning, this is a REAL limited time offer, once the
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RANKSNAP Citation Builder

You’re Covered By Our 100% Refund Policy

This is very simple.
I don’t like games, or scams.
I like honest marketing and honest customers.

If you upgrade to this CITATION BUILDER upgrade and within 14 days you decide for WHATEVER reason to just stop.

Then I will refund you.

This is on purpose so you can feel safe when using it knowing that if anything goes wrong - you’re covered.

And, I know I have a higher chance of getting you to invest in the UPSELL.

So let’s get you those crazy results and SWARM you with $250 - $500 payments DAILY WITHOUT effort!


RANKSNAP Citation Builder

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